The quality of the books is Excellent!

The pages are a beautiful brown!

The students self select these books during reading time!

Florida Kindergarten Teacher
National Board Certified

The books are a valuable resource for teaching American History to students!

The books and activities are aligned with our State's Standards and Common Core!

Assistant Principal ~ Atlanta Public Schools

I really love these books. I  have all 4 of them and can’t wait to get the rest of them. I like the part in the back of the book where you have new words. I learned a lot of new big words. I like the pictures too.

3rd grade student

I love the Living Legends!

Rev. Vivian is featured in the new movie, Selma !

Black American History!!

Reverend C.T. Vivian, Reverend Wyatt Tee Walker, and Mrs. Dorothy Cotton are still alive!

California Retired Educator

In her series of books entitled, Friends of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ms. Jacqueline James keeps hope alive for educating young African Americans and all Americans on the unsung heroes of the Civil  Rights Movement.

Principal, Southeast Career Pathways, Grand Rapids Public Schools

Reading this book series has been a blessing. Jacqueline James has conducted research and interviewed 100's of individuals in order to give students, teachers and  parents an inspirational summary of the roles Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s friends played in his rise to prominence. As an educator and activist, I found myself buried in each book and could not put them down.

Author of Masterminds of Mentoring and Human Motivation 

Mrs. Jacqueline James share an in depth account of The Friends Of Dr. Martin Luther King ( Rev. C.T. Vivian, Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, Rev. Wyatt T. Walker, Mrs. Dorothy Cotton) by drawing the reader into the worlds of courageous men and women who risked their all for Human Rights. Using Before and After MLK , illustrations and vocabulary of the times, she educates, motivate and inspires us...... to do more........ when you can ... wherever you can, to keep the dream of human rights for all alive!

Passion, perseverance and pride would best describe Jacqueline James when it comes to educating young people.  I have known her over 40 years.  She has always been dedicated to making  sure the history of our celebrated heroes is  kept alive. The publications have been enjoyed by many  youth groups in this area.

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